TCL Announces World’s First Smart Soundbar

1 min read

The TV is first and foremost for streaming music at home for most people, according to TCL. That being the case, a TV’s audio needs to be high quality but not made for sound. That’s why TCL paired up with Roku to create the TCL Roku Smart Soundbar.

The soundbar is part of the Alto line and includes Roku’s very own Roku Entertainment Assistant. It also features Roku Connect for pairing AV devices to your soundbar to complete your connectivity and expand the use of the TCL Roku Soundbar.

Because the soundbar is Roku Voice Assistant enabled, you can easily pair it with your TCL Roku TV for easy control over your entertainment center. You can control most of what you’d need to on your TV from power controls to channels. You can play or pause music and even ask for specific media.

The soundbar isn’t limited to only the TCL Roku TV line. Any Roku ecosystem device will be controllable via the soundbar, including other smart speakers and any other Roku Connect enabled TV.

The TCL Roku Soundbar is planned to be released in late 2018.