Razer’s new Project Linda laptop brings plug and play to a new level using the razer phone

2 min read

Razer has been experimenting with a few cool projects recently. Project Valerie had jaws dropping with three displays in one laptop last year at CES 2017. Project Ariana had a few heads turns with a projector-based setup that expanded your view range. This year, Razer went with a more practical idea. They call it “Project Linda.”

Imagine gaming on your Razer phone with all its beautiful features including a 2k display and up to 120hz refresh rate. Even though the display is nice, wouldn’t you want something a little bigger? That’s where Project Linda comes in.

Project Linda allows you to insert your Razer phone where the trackpad would lie on a normal PC or Chromebook. With the push of a button, a USB Type-C plug is inserted via a small motor on the left of the trackpad slot into the Razer phone. Within seconds, your Razer phone is powering a Chromebook-like system for virtually anything you’d use a computer for.

The Razer phone uses its own storage, but at the same time, the concept laptop houses 200GB worth of internal storage for some extra space. While this is the case, none of your information stays on the device when you unplug the Razer phone. This means easy access to get on and off without major privacy issues.

It comes with a cool few features as well. The keyboard has the famous Razer backlighting we all know and love. Along with that, the speakers from the Razer phone are used as the speakers for the shell itself. Not only that, but the Razer phone can act as another display, for instance showing you gaming information as you’re playing away.

Project Linda could lead to some amazing things in the near future. While this is a concept as of now, it could definitely lead to a lot very soon for Razer. Keep up to date with us for more news during our CES 2018 coverage!