Full Google Assistant is headed to Android Auto

1 min read

So here’s the thing: Android Auto has had pretty deep voice controls for quite awhile. You could use the recognizable “OK, Google” hot phrase to launch into numerous tasks like texting, directions, and phone calls. Those of us that have had a unit in their cars have been under the impression that this was Google Assistant in action. Turns out, we were all making an incorrect assumption. This was all just Google Voice Search functions and not Mountain View’s AI powers at work.

Fortunately, Google plans to fix this with the next update to Android Auto. After the software is pushed to the Auto app, you should have the same functionality to launch Actions as you do on your phone or Google Home. From turning on your home lights to opening your connected garage door, you should soon have them all while behind the wheel. Google even says that you can order Starbucks while driving to pick it up!

Source: Google Blog Source: The Verge