UV Sense from L’Oréal is the UV sensor that fits on your fingernail and doesn’t require a battery

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While L’Oréal is a brand you associate with skin care and protection, it’s not one you normally associate with tech. The new UV Sense is their follow up to the My UV Patch, and this time they’ve made it smaller and battery-free. The UV Sense is a small electronic UV sensor measuring less than two millimeters thick and nine millimeters in diameter.

It attaches to your thumbnail providing it with an optimal place to read UV exposure and can be reapplied with adhesives included in the package. The UV Sense stores up to 3 months worth of data allowing you to track trends or it can show real-time data. It uses NFC to communicate with an app on your iPhone or Android phone, and again does all of this without a battery.

This is very impressive from a company that is known more for lotions and creams, and less for electronics. Research from the My UV Patch shows that people were 34 percent more likely to apply more sunscreen and 37 percent more likely to seek out shade when using their sensor. This could be a big help in protecting yourself from skin cancer and shows one of the fantastic ways tech and healthcare are coming together. The UV Sense will be on a limited basis in the US for the summer of 2018 and launch globally in 2019.

Source: L’Oréal