AT&T is expanding their smart city initiative to monitor structural integrity of U.S. roads and railways

If you live in the United States you’ve undoubtedly heard that our infrastructure needs a lot of work. Over the years, you’ve either heard it on the news or seen it yourself while driving. One of the problems with updating this infrastructure is the cost it takes to inspect all of it. Normally this requires a person to travel out to the bridge or road and inspect it visually. Not only is this time consuming, but it’s also expensive.

AT&T is working on a solution that would allow real-time monitoring of structures such as roads, bridges, and railways. It would provide an easier way to check the integrity of these essential pieces of infrastructure and alert us when it needs to be repaired. The sensors measure factors such as cracks or tilts and can send email alerts using an LTE connection.  Once these are placed on select pieces of infrastructure it becomes easy to monitor changes remotely with only an internet connection.

Not only will this make monitoring more efficient but also cheaper and more organized. These sensors are another way in which the internet of things and cellular networks will improve our lives in the future. This technology it will make our roads safer to travel and help prioritize which infrastructure needs improvement first.

Source: AT&T
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