‘LG G7’ development has reportedly been restarted from scratch

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In the first part of every year, LG has been known to release a new phone to their G lineup of phones. Last year it was the G6, and up to this point we’ve been expecting the G7 to be released in late February. However, that will be changing this year.

The CEO of LG, Jo Seeing-jin, has ordered that a new version of the G7 be made and the existing design scrapped. Because of a total overhaul so close to release, it can be assumed that the release will be delayed to around April (and even that seems an unlikely goal).

At CES last week, the CEO had said that a major change would be coming to the smartphone division of the company, as it has proven to not be all that profitable in recent years. He said that LG would “unveil new smartphones when it is needed” and that the company would not launch a new phone “just because other rivals do.”

Other possible changes include a rebranding of the smartphone lineup or keeping existing models on the shelves for a bit longer — the latter of which is rather uncommon in this industry.

The reasoning for this G7 redesign? Speculation inside the company is that they couldn’t find a major selling point for the phone. However, this issue is somewhat understandable. The changes between versions of phones have become smaller and smaller as the years go on, so finding a groundbreaking useful feature is becoming a much harder challenge for these smartphone manufacturers.

Source: The Investor