Leaked images show off what could be a new Xbox Elite Controller

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At E3 in 2015 Microsoft announced its Xbox Elite Wireless Controller which retailed for $149.00. The controller had four interchangeable paddles, remappable buttons, swappable components, and other features that truly made it an Elite controller for Xbox One users.

As reported on by The Verge it looks like a second version could be on the horizon. Several images have been posted on a Chinese social network called Baidu that apparently show the next model of the Xbox Elite Controller. The post by an anonymous user claims that their will be upgraded features such as Bluetooth support for Windows 10, a USB-C Port, and longer key travel for paddles.

Other images found on Reddit have also seemingly been confirmed by Microsoft employees.

A source familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans has confirmed to The Verge that the Reddit image of the controller is genuine, but it’s not clear exactly when or if Microsoft plans to introduce this new controller. Microsoft is also testing this controller design alongside a new case that will charge it on the go. Microsoft could potentially unveil the new Xbox Elite controller at the Game Developers Conference in March or E3 in June.

Whether or not the photos are genuine, it is good to know that another model could be announced this year at E3. Do you currently use an Elite controller for your Xbox One? If so do you plan on upgrading soon? Comment below and be sure to share this article with any gamers who could benefit.