Hold onto your $100 Pixelbook Pen with a free pen loop from Google

1 min read

When Google released their Pixelbook late last year, they also launched a $100 Pixelbook Pen to go along with it. This pen allows for quick access to the Google Assistant, while also allowing you to write, draw, and design easily. However, there was a key feature missing from this Pixelbook and Pen combo: a way to secure the Pen to your fancy new Chromebook.

Well, that’s changing, because Google now offers a free promotion to Pixelbook owners: a pen loop that attaches to your Pixelbook. This loop attaches with adhesive, so just stick it on and you’re all set.

If you’re the owner of a Pixelbook, head on over to Google’s pen loop promotion page and fill out your information.

Free Pen Loop from Google