Brawlout Review: A new challenger?

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With 2017 behind us, some games have either gone unnoticed or under appreciated for what they can bring to the table. Brawlout happens to be one of those games.

With the massive and loyal fan base behind Super Smash Brothers, some gamers wonder why Nintendo hasn’t released one for their current flagship, the Nintendo Switch.

Well, Angry Mob Games isn’t one for waiting for the next time they can smash their friend’s hopes and dreams, so they have developed a new game of their own. Brawlout! This game has personally taken over 30 hours of my life in just a few weeks, and with a diverse line up of characters and abilities to dominate your friends, you’ll soon find yourself playing this every time you and the gang get together.

Having the options of a speedy character like the Drifter or Volt against powerhouse hitters like Paco and Olaf can make for some interesting matches. Timing and combos are the keys to victory in this game, as they are with any fighter. Similar to the Super Smash Brothers games, you’ll need to soften up your opponents using the array of abilities your character has before ultimately sending them flying across the stage to a satisfying kaboom. Plus, you can complete a match with one of the many elimination effects available at the in-game store.

A nice variety of fighting stages also are a plus for this game. You can choose to fight your friends on a flat icey tundra or mix it up and go for a multi layered jungle arena for the longer, more complex fights. Whatever your fighting style is, this game is sure to have something that will draw you in for hours on end.

Another added bonus this game offers is the sound tracks that go along with each stage. There’s fast paced jungle music, slow in-depth sounds for the colder stages and Mexican party music (yeah.)

For those of you who aren’t too big on duking it out with friends and want to put your skills to the test against the games artificial intelligence (AI), you will be sure to enjoy the Tower game mode. This is something right out of Mortal Kombat where you pick your fighter and go against two to three other AI controlled opponents. You’ll encounter varying styles of difficulty until you’ve beaten them all and reign supreme as Brawlout champion.

Daily challenges give you some sort of goal to reach for each time you sign in to the game, but most of them seem to rely on the games multiplayer option. Given that this game hasn’t been out that long, multiplayer is something that needs to be worked on a bit more. Laggy connections with competitors, an acceptance system that requires both players to approve the fight before starting, and the only option being a 1v1 duel, is enough to put any hardcore fighting gamer in a foul mood.

Player progression also seems to be something that Angry Mob Games hasn’t quite gotten down. The character mastery gets extremely weighted after level five, and the character unlock system only works if you purchase in game currency or grind away for hours on end. Chances are you’ll find yourself in a love hate relationship with this game rather quickly.

All in all, this is a great game to have in your collection for whenever you have people over to the house or have a score to settle with Jake from State Farm. You can get this on the Nintendo store, Steam or at your local gaming store. For those PlayStation and Xbox gamers, look for this to be released some time in 2018.

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