‘It just works’ why a Google fan switched completely to Apple

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Android was my operating system of choice for two and a half years. I chose Android because it was affordable and because I didn’t think twice about it. But after I spent a considerable amount of time exploring Google’s offerings, I ditched their products in favor of using only Apple products: and I haven’t looked back.

When people talk to me about why I switched ecosystems, I reply with, “it just works.”

See, I work in social media marketing and website development, as well as here at YourTechExplained. I spend my day relying on technology to make my job go faster. When my laptop slows down on me or crashes and I can’t finish editing a video, that’s a problem. When I have to go out searching for pieces of software so that I can send a video from my computer to my phone, that’s a problem. When I have to spend time trying to connect Bluetooth earbuds to my phone just to pick up a phone call, that’s a problem.

See the pattern? In order to work in the most efficient manner, I need my technology to “just work” and to talk to each other.

That’s what Apple does for me. It does all that, and just that. Sure, I can’t do fancy arrangements with my home screen. I don’t care — it doesn’t affect my workflow. iOS notifications aren’t the greatest. True story, but I answer them fast enough that it doesn’t bother me. iPhones have terrible battery life. Yup, they do. That’s why I carry around an Anker power bank and charging cable most places. There are inconveniences, but they don’t outweigh the positives.

Software Experience


I love my MacBook Pro. It’s one of the fastest computers out there, and it simply works. It works extremely well. Editing 4K video on the go or just typing up documents, it handles everything like a champ. I’ve never had it crash on me, slow down, or not connect to the printer — all problems that I see people encounter on a daily basis. The lack of traditional ports doesn’t bother me, in fact, I love the USB-C lifestyle. Who doesn’t like being able to plug in the power cord on the left or the right?


What’s more, my MacBook can talk to all my other devices, such as my iPhone and iPad. My favorite way that the hardware talks together is with AirDrop. For my work, I often send over videos and photos from my computer to my phone so I can post them on Instagram. It’s super easy to send anything through AirDrop. It takes only a second to send over short videos and photos. Larger videos take less than a minute!


Yes, those things. I love them. I paired them once with my iPhone 7 and now I can use them on my Apple Watch, MacBook, iPad, Apple TV — all without repairing them each time. Simply press connect on each device and boom, connected. My favorite part is using these for calls. Call coming in? AirPods are out of their case, in my ears and connected within 10 seconds.

Hardware Experience

These are just some of the things I love about Apple products that make the whole experience worth it. Not only is the software experience beautiful — it’s beautiful on Android, too — but the hardware itself talks to each other. The same can’t be said for a Chromebook and an Android phone.

The other night I was installing Prime Video on the Apple TV. When I went to type in the password, a notification popped on my iPhone, prompting me to enter the password via my iPhone instead of on the TV. Just like that, it worked. The Apple TV app wasn’t even installed!

Here’s another example. When my iPhone is near my MacBook, I can make and receive calls on my MacBook. Not just to those with iPhones, to any mobile number or landline number. It works fantastic. Adding on to this, the same is true for my Apple Watch. If I’m running around and don’t have time to pull my phone out of my pocket, I can just take a call via my Watch, and the person on the other end wouldn’t even know.

There’s also the beauty of upgrading to a new MacBook and having all my files, programs, and pictures moved over to the new MacBook — I was even signed into most programs when I switched.

Final thoughts

iOS and macOS blend into the background, allowing you to work easily between devices without letting technology interrupt you. Android doesn’t have the tightly knit integrations and cross-device chatting that Apple does.

“It just works.” that’s why I switched to Apple.