Sonos now selling two Sonos Ones for the price of one HomePod

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Sonos is trying to keep their position as the leader of the smart home speaker market by offering two Sonos One speakers for the price of one Apple HomePod — $349. This promotion is only going on for a limited time, and it starts today (1/26).

The new Apple HomePod hasn’t even hit the market yet, but it is expected to on February 9th. However, it is worth noting that while the Sonos One deal appears to be better, the One speakers don’t have any Siri support — and it’s not expected that they will. But, Sonos One has Amazon Alexa built right in, with Google Assistant coming in 2018. If you’re an Apple Music user, you can still play your tunes through the Sonos app, but it just can’t be controlled via the voice assistants.

The Sonos app does have support for Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and other services, so if you’re a user of one of those services and are looking for a great speaker, then this may be your time to get one. It’s hard to know yet if the HomePod will be worth the steep price tag yet, but if you’re invested in Apple’s ecosystem, then it may be worth holding out for.

Let us know in the comments: will you be cashing in on this deal, or are you waiting to see what the HomePod has to offer?

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