You can now watch YouTube TV on Roku and Apple TV

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YouTube TV has been around since February of last year but Google has limited the platforms the software can be played on quite a bit. One promised partner has been Roku with no tangible results or announcement. Well, that changed this morning. Roku has revealed a press release announcing the availability of an official channel (app) for YouTube TV.

With the new channel, you get the same great offerings from Google’s live TV service as you do on Android TV and Chromecast for $35 per month. You can enjoy the same programming and regional content along with Cloud DVR, curated suggestions based on your viewing history, and up to 6 user profiles per account. YouTube TV is another great partnership that makes Roku one of, if not the best, overall streaming set-top box on the market.

It’s also worth a note that not all of Roku’s devices are supported. The list of supported devices via the news release are: all Roku TVs, Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Streaming Stick (3800x, 3600x), Roku Express/Express+ (3910x, 3900x, 3710x, 3700x), Roku Premiere+, Roku Premiere, Roku 4, Roku 3 (4200x, 4230x), Roku 2 (4210x). For more information hit the source link below.

But wait…there’s more! Another holdout from the YouTube TV party has been Apple TV boxes. As you may know, Apple and Google don’t have the best of history. YouTube in general was once a sore sport that continued with YouTube TV in its infancy. However, much like Roku, Google has released the official app to iTunes on the Apple TV. You’ve been able to AirPlay the phone app to your TV since the launch of the live TV service, but today brings a native app to Apple’s living room set-top boxes.

This was an added bonus to the earlier news today that the Roku channel was coming and a positive move for consumers. It not only shows that Google is serious about YouTube TV, it also means they are willing to overlook their direct rival in Apple to make sure the platform can grow on all the popular devices it can.

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