Google Assistant may be coming to other Chrome OS devices soon

1 min read

One of the key features that accompanied Google’s launch of its Pixelbook flagship was the inclusion of Google Assistant. So far, the premium Chromebook has been the only Chrome OS device allowed access to Google’s AI platform, but that may be changing soon. Recent commits to the opensource Chromium project (which fuels development for Chrome OS) suggests that more devices may be just an update away.

Our friends over at XDA Developers have been digging through the code and some new lines point in this direction. One, in particular, is “add Assistant feature flag changes accordingly.” If true, this new integration doesn’t really come as surprise. Google is committed to Assistant, and AI learning will be the future of their data empire. We’ve already seen it in Android, Android TV, and Home speakers. Chrome OS is the next natural progression. Pixelbooks — much like the Pixel phones — are proving to be a breeding ground for new ideas and functions that Google will then roll out to OEMs.