Google may soon step onto the gaming scene with ‘Yeti’

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When you think of Google, you probably think of the search engine, the new Pixel 2, or the Chromecast in your living room. What you probably don’t think about is a gaming system or service.

In the world of gaming, there are only a handful of companies that run the show. With the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo having years of experience in the game, Google wants to take a shot at new frontiers.

Instead of hard disks and gaming stores, Google is focusing on a cloud-based gaming structure, similar to PlayStation Now and Shield services. Early reports have revealed the project to be named Yeti, and it could possibly be streamed through current Chromecast systems. This would give Google a starting player base of 55 million or more. There also appears to be a Google controller and a possible stand-alone system in the works.

Google also recently hired Phil Harrison, who worked at Sony for 15 years and Microsoft for 3 years in both PlayStation and Xbox branches. This alone speaks well for how Google is approaching the multi-billion dollar video game industry.

Source: The Information