Kingdom Hearts III Monsters Inc. World Revealed

1 min read

At this years D23 event in Japan, Square Enix released a new teaser trailer for their latest project, Kingdom Hearts III. Here we get a better look at the newest world confirmed, Monsters Inc. We can see the gang is all here with Mike, Sully, and our lovable human, Boo.

We can also appreciate the world transformations that have become somewhat iconic for the franchise. The combat mechanics and flow look absolutely amazing, while transforming just flows so smoothly you don’t feel like it is a cut scene anymore. We also can’t forget the memorable locations in the worlds revealed. The scare floor, the endless doors, the city where boo escapes — this game is surely building expectations for fans young and old as we see the game coming together before our eyes.

Also in this trailer we get a look at the Little Mermaid summoning. In terms of visuals, this is one of my personal favorites. There’s the whirlpool forming around Sora, and Ariel swimming past before leaping through the air and setting off a spectacular laser light show.

There was only one thing I had an issue with, and that was the lack of a release date. We know it will be coming sometime in 2018, but we are being kept in the dark on any other details. For life long fans like myself, this is borderline torture. But with Tetsuya Nomura directing, we have yet to be disappointed, so we must continue waiting.

To end this on a positive note however, it has been confirmed that Utada Hikaru will return for the theme song “Don’t Think Twice.”