Tuesdays at the Polls: Do you pay for Smartphone Insurance?

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As my most recent post details, I’ve become a member of #TeamPixel. With that said, I’ve also found myself with a new found anxiety concerning the physical security of my device. This has never really been an issue before as I’ve leaned on budget-friendly models from Moto over the last few years. At the sub $400 prices of most models, I haven’t felt the need to carry insurance along with my prepaid carrier plan. I would either have the phone fixed on my own, or find another comparable budget phone if disaster struck.

But with my purchase of the Pixel 2 XL this week, I’ve started to wonder if I need insurance. At $700+ used, and $850 new, I think the cost of insurance if I completely destroy the phone would pay off. Then I started to question whether I’m in the minority on this. So, this weeks poll is: Do you have insurance on your phone? If yes, is it through your carrier? Or if you are unlocked outright, do you use a 3rd party? Or are you flying by the seat of your pants, taking the risk of smashing your precious device?

As always, sound off in the comments to expand on your vote!

Are you carrying insurance on your smartphone?

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