Google handing out 20% Pixel 2/XL discounts to ‘loyal’ Nexus owners

1 min read

Some lucky former Nexus owners are waking up to a pretty sweet deal from Google. The screenshot below is a new email offer being sent out as a loyalty offer for previous supporters of Google’s Nexus smartphone program.

The discount is pretty significant at 20%. This would bring the 64GB models of the Pixels down to the neighborhood of $520 for the smaller Pixel 2 and $680 for the XL (of course, higher after tax is added on top). You won’t see the reflected pricing until you click the “checkout” button, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the decrease when you first open the link to the Google Store.

It’s still unclear on the criteria that qualify you for the email, but it does match up to support ending for the Nexus 6P and 5x this year. There are multiple Nexus users on Twitter that are wondering how users are being selected and claiming they did not receive the email.

Our initial assumption is that this is being filtered by emails on file from Nexus orders direct from the Google Store. Either way, it’s a huge price cut for devices and a nice way to maintain consumers under their latest brand if you’re Google.