[Deal Alert] Rare $100 discount on the Pixelbook at all retail partners

1 min read

If you’re looking for the best hardware available for Chrome OS, then the Google Pixelbook is at the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, getting to that mountaintop¬†will cost you a considerable paycheck with a starting price of $1000. And, in the history of the Pixel laptop series, those discounts are a rare find for Google’s Chrome OS machines. However, there’s currently a $100 price cut at all major US retailers on the Pixelbook.

While it’s still a high price to pay, $899 for the entry level is much easier to swallow if you’ve been considering this awesome device. The discount applies to every model variant and seems to be across all the retail outlets that Google is selling the Pixelbook. This is a nice touch by Google to still allow the user to redeem the discount for the specifications they need without having to forfeit the extra 100 bucks.

Another noteworthy addition is that students receive an extra 10% when purchasing through Amazon or Best Buy. This would knock off another $90-160 depending on the model for anyone with a student account through these retailers. So, what are you waiting for? Get to shopping for your new Pixelbook with the links below already!

Purchase Pixelbook at Amazon Purchase Pixelbook at Best Buy