Save 20% or more on Anker Car and Charging Accessories

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Anker always has a fantastic selection of products available, and when they’re on sale it’s even better. Today we have a nice selection of Anker deals starting at 20% off, all the way up to 42% off! So, let’s just jump right into them.


The Roav VIVA is an Alexa enabled device that plugs into a car charging port, and allows you to use Alexa in your car! It connects and routes audio through your phone, and then through your car stereo. It works with both Android and iOS phones, and allows you to ask Alexa for directions, music, smart home functions, and pretty much anything else Alexa can do — right from your car!

You can get the Roav VIVA for $39.99 (20% off) using the code VIVACARA, from now until March 8th.

Get the Roav VIVA

PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

This product allows you to wirelessly charge your Qi-compatible device in a nice “standing” format, allowing you to easily view notifications or use Face ID while your device is charging. The PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand works with all the latest iPhones, as well as other Qi-compatible devices. What’s more, you can even charge your phone in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Pick up the PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand for $17.99 (33% off) with coupon code BEST2923, from now until March 9th.

Get the Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

Premium 5-Port USB Wall Charger with USB-C

This USB Wall Charger with USB-C is a great accessory if you have lots of different devices that need charging every day. It comes equipped with four regular USB ports and a USB-C port that can charge Pixel devices, as well as the smaller MacBooks.

You can purchase the Premium 5-Port USB Wall Charger for $32.19, which is 42% off the original price, using coupon code BEST2556. This great deal is available until March 9th.

Get the Anker Premium 5-Port USB Wall Charger

PowerLine+ Lightning Cable 10ft

Anker’s PowerLine+ series of cables are some of the most durable charging cables on the market, and they’ll always be ready for you, even after months of rough use. On sale right now is their 10ft Lightning cable, which is ideal for charging your device in distant locations from an outlet, say while you’re relaxing on the sofa.

The PowerLine+ Lightning Cable 10ft is going for $11.69 (35% off) using coupon code CABLE823, from now until March 31st.

Get the Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable 10ft