Leaked images reveal what could be a Pebble-like Fitbit smartwatch

1 min read

If you’re like me, you’ve been long awaiting Fitbit to simply make a Pebble smartwatch. I still wear my Pebble Time on a daily basis and have been unimpressed with almost any alternative. Fitbit has had Pebble under its umbrella for over a year now, but we’ve yet to see any tangible influence in the Fitbit Ionic. The chunky smartwatch looks like a reject from an old Star Trek episode, and that’s OK for those that like it, but it’s a polarizing watch that didn’t appeal to most of us.

Thankfully, we may finally see a Pebble-like addition to the Fitbit lineup. Leaked renders uncovered by Wareable show a new Fitbit smartwatch that is reminiscent of the Pebble Time designs. The images show a watch with a more traditional rounded square watch face and universal pin watchbands. It will also come in four colors: black, rose gold, silver, and charcoal.

It also looks like the device is running Fitbit OS and will have similar specs as the Ionic, minus GPS. This includes water resistance up to 50 meters, step counter, and sleep tracking. We’d be shocked if it doesn’t come with NFC to help continue Fitbit Pay’s push into the mobile payment market. The name of the smartwatch is still up for debate, but I’d love to see Fitbit leverage the Pebble name in some way rather than a bland Blaze 2.