Vivo shows off its APEX FullView concept phone with in-display fingerprint scanner and nearly bezel free display

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Vivo is one of the top phone manufacturers from China without much of a presence here in the US. However, they have been working on some exciting breakthroughs and the world is starting to take notice.

Their APEX FullView concept phone at Mobile World Congress 2018 is a culmination of several smartphone innovations. Starting with a nearly bezel-free screen, the Vivo APEX has slimmed down the bezels to 1.8mm on three sides with a 4.3mm bezel on the bottom, for the world’s highest screen to body ratio.

But Vivo isn’t content with that as they have plans to slim down the bottom bezel to 1.8mm in the future. The 6-inch 18:9 display on the APEX is not only special for the bezels, but for how they were able to make the bezels so slim. By using a flexible OLED screen, Vivo was able to mount microchips to a flexible circuit board to trim down the size of the bezels.

With such slim bezels, the Vivo APEX doesn’t feature a traditional earpiece speaker and instead uses Screen SoundCasting Technology. This technology utilizes vibrations and turns the entire display into a speaker. Another compromise for the slim bezels is the front-facing camera. Without space to place it in the front bezel,  Vivo has included an elevating 8MP front-facing camera that pops out from the top in 0.8 seconds for selfies.

A couple more innovations necessary to slim down the bezels come from the proximity and ambient light sensors. Normally these are hidden in the bezel on the front of the phone, but Vivo has taken both of these and conveniently placed them behind the display, just like the fingerprint scanner.

Their in-display fingerprint scanner is another world’s first that makes use of one-third of the screen near the bottom. If that wasn’t enough this also allows for you to use two fingerprints increasing security. Having an in-display fingerprint scanner is a feat in and of itself, let alone allowing for two fingers to be scanned at the same time while still meeting industry standards for security.

Concept phones (much like concept cars) are usually not made for sale to consumers. Instead, they are used to showcase new technologies and features that will appear in future consumer models. Although, from time to time we do see some made available for purchase. There has been no mention of price or availability for the Vivo APEX, but it is definitely getting everyone’s attention for all the right reasons.

Source: Vivo Image Credit: Android Central