Tuesdays at the Polls: How do you purchase your phones?

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Carriers have dominated the retail market for smartphones over the years, but recently, there’s been a shift towards new ways of buying phones. From buying unlocked direct from the manufacturer, Amazon, or used through Swappa, there are multiple alternatives to the old carrier model. We recently even covered how Nokia and Moto have embraced the new unlocked avenue for selling devices to their users.

So, this week’s poll question is: how did you purchase your last phone? Did you go to the carrier store? Or did you buy directly from the manufacturer? Or have unlocked marketplaces like Amazon been your new go to? Or, do none of those line up to your budget and you went through a used seller like Swappa or eBay? As with all our poll questions, feel free to expand with comments.

How do you purchase a smartphone?

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