LG is bringing V30S ‘ThinQ’ AI features to the standard V30, starting in Korea

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Recently, LG released the V30S ThinQ to the Korean market; the device is an essentially beefed-up V30. For their V30 users, LG has started porting some of the ThinQ features over to its predecessor. These features include its QLens, AI Camera, Bright Camera, and some AI/Voice assistant functionality.

If you’re unaware, QLens is an AI-enabled camera that allows for visual searches — similar to Samsung’s Bixby camera or Google’s Lens. The AI camera allows the camera to automatically analyze the photo subject/style and adjust settings accordingly. Such as, changing different settings when taking a portrait versus a landscape. The Bright Camera makes standard images much lighter by grouping pixels into fours, which produces brighter pictures but at smaller sizes.

These updates have already started rolling out for Korean V30 users. Unfortunately, LG has left no word on whether the V30S ThinQ or its features will be coming to any users outside of the country, but there have been rumors stating the company will be doing just that, eventually…

Via: Android Police