Like dark themes on your apps? If you’re like me then you probably have a dark theme on your Twitter app or you already have the Dark mode for YouTube enabled on your desktop. Many users loved it so much that YouTube has said that a dark theme is one of the most requested features for its mobile app.

Today, YouTube as a little treat for all you iOS users out there. Yup, YouTube is adding a new dark theme to its mobile apps and it starting with iOS first. Android users will have to wait for a bit till YouTube pushes the update to its Android App.

If you’re an iPhone user, all you will need to do is tap the account icon, go to settings, and select “dark theme.” Pretty easy and straightforward.

We don’t have any official word on when Android users will get this update but let’s hope that it’s sooner rather than later. Be sure to stay tuned to YourTechExplained for further updates.