[No-Wei] Best Buy will stop carrying Huawei phones, tablets, and laptops

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More bad news for Huawei, as they are about to lose one of their largest retail partners. According to sources, Best Buy, the largest electronics retailer in the US will reportedly stop selling Huawei products in the coming weeks.

This is just another disappointment for Huawei in 2018 as they come against more scrutiny while trying to expand their presence in the US. The US government has had concerns about the security of Huawei devices for years now. However, the past few months have been particularly daunting for Huawei, as they continuously hit roadblocks while trying to grow their market share in the States.

First, they had their deals to have their phones sold directly through AT&T and Verizon fall apart due to pressure from the US government. Losing carrier partners in the US is a big blow as most consumers here purchase their phone through the carrier. Not too long after the CIA, FBI, and NSA expressed concerns over the security of Huawei and ZTE phones suggesting they should not be used by government employees. Now Huawei has to deal with yet another complication by losing one of their largest retail partners.

After their deals with the carriers fell through one of Huawei’s biggest strengths was their presence in a physical store such as Best Buy. This gave consumers the opportunity to touch and interact with the devices, as well as an easy way to return them if they changed their mind. Huawei phones are still available for purchase online through Amazon and Newegg, but their lack of a presence in a physical retailer will surely take a toll on sales.

Even without a large market share in the US, Huawei is still number three in the world for smartphone sales, right behind Apple and Samsung. They have been chasing the ever allusive US market for years now and continue doing so no matter how many difficulties they encounter. However, 2018 is certainly not going as well as they had hoped, and one has to wonder how much longer they will continue pursuing the American market.

Source: CNET