You can now use inline reply on your Chromebook

1 min read

Most Android users will recognize and appreciate this one. Chrome evangelist Francois Beaufort is reporting on Google Plus that inline responses to Android apps are now live on the beta channel of Chrome OS.

Android apps are quickly becoming a first-rate citizen on Chrome OS and the line between the two platforms is blurring more and more each day.

So, if you’re willing to jump over to the beta channel on your Chromebook, you can easily answer those popups from your favorite messenger with a simple response and a click of the “Enter” key.

Like I mentioned previously, this brings a popular feature from Android on mobile that’s been around for years. This will make messengers such as Hangouts feel much more integrated into Chrome OS and should really help the workflow of end-users. Let us know if you have started to see this if currently using the beta channel, or if you plan to move to beta to test it out.