Moment announces their new filmmaker collection available in June

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Mobile filmmaking and photography is becoming more and more popular. Each day people use their camera for taking pictures, hosting live streams, and of course using social media. Today, Moment is helping to take our mobile videos to the next level with their new Filmmaker collection. Here are all the new products coming to Kickstarter in June:


Anamorphic Lens – $149

Starting at $149, the Anamorphic lens will be compatible with iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy, and Note devices. In their press release, Moment says that this lens will make your videos wide screen and also add a vintage flare and letterbox screen.


iPhone X Battery Photo Case – $99

Moment claims that this is the first battery photography case on the market. While reading this press release, I have to say that I think its a great idea. If there is one thing that can quickly drain your iPhone X battery its definitely recording video or taking lots of photos. Here are some of the features of this case:

  • Two stage, electronic shutter button works with the Moment and native camera apps to frame the shot, shoot, and stop recording without having to touch the screen.
  • A wireless charging, 3,100 mAH battery for a 90% recharge of your iPhone X. Recharge with a Qi charging pad or through the Lightning Connector.
  • A built-in lens attachment means your case lens ready whenever you want to shoot. Camera strap attachments on the bottom of the case work with any standard wrist strap.

Gimbal Counterweight – $39

If you’ve ever used a gimbal you know the struggles of having to calibrate it to your phone, especially when there is a case on it. With Moments Gimbal Counterweight, they are claiming that it will help you balance your phone and lens case so that you can get even smoother footage then you originally would have.

  •  Works with the Osmo Mobile 2, Zhiyun SmoothQ, and Evo Shift gimbals.
  •  The modular weights can be configured to 60g, 90g, or 120g.
  •  Simple, secure velcro strap to put on/take off.
  •  Rubber pad keeps the gimbal safe and the counterweight locked in.

Lens Filter Adapter – $39

Coming in at $39, the Lens Filter Adapter will help you create the effects you want to add to your videos. The Moment Filter Mount lets you attach a standard 62mm filter to any of your currently owned Moment Lenses, including the new Moment Anamorphic. Simply press fit the mount onto your lens and you’re ready to go!

All these products are available on Kickstarter today and will be available through retail outlets in June. Though we can not guarantee the stability of Kickstarter projects we can say that Moment has always shown a great track record of shipping products to early adopters. Also noteworthy is that by supporting them earlier you can get a reduced price. All of the information can be found on Moments Kickstarter page.


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