Tuesdays at the Polls: Have you altered your Facebook usage?

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Facebook is having quite the negative PR issues of late. The company has had multiple bad looks and breaches that have shed a harsh light on how Mark Zuckerberg’s team is handling the personal data of the website’s users. From fake news during the 2016 election to the latest Cambridge Analytica using shady user agreements to acquire account information of over 50 million users, Facebook has a real problem of how the public currently sees the social network.

With the latest blunders by Facebook and the utilization of user data, have you altered the way you use the social site? Have you simply stopped using it? Have you deleted your account all-together? Or, have you stayed the course as you always have? This is the question we want the answers to in this week’s poll. Per usual, expand your vote via the comments to elaborate your choice.

Have you gotten rid of Facebook?

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