TCL has more nostalgia in mind with a Palm branded device coming to Verizon

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TCL has struggled to make a firm entry into the US smartphone market on its own. The company has decided that the way to combat this is to acquire, or license, branding of former giants in mobile and to use them in an effort to sell Android phones. TCL started with BlackBerry with its most recognizable device being the Keyone and now the company has set its sights on Palm. Yes, Palm.

I’m going to try and not go too far down the rabbit hole, as a former webOS fan could go and stick to what we “know” from this rumor. TCL acquired the rights to the Palm name back in 2015 and we’ve heard nothing concerning the move since. Now it would seem that the company plans to recreate their trend with BlackBerry devices using the Palm moniker, and will even partner with Verizon to release their first phone.

This new information comes from an exclusive from Dutch website called Android Planet. The site says that TCL is targeting a launch of the Palm phone later in 2018. The posting cites an interview with a TCL executive that confirms a Palm device is coming. What he doesn’t clarify, is whether this is a phone, tablet, or otherwise. Personally, I’d love to see TCL make a Note competitor and really leverage the Palm Pilot days!

What about you guys? Does a Palm device interest you at all? Comment below!