Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S9: Here’s why you should use it.

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As you may have seen with my precious Google Pixel 2 XL, I use a tempered glass screen protector. In fact, I use the Whitestone Dome screen protector. I held off on getting a screen protector for that phone until I knew that a reputable company had put one out. Once I got approached by Whitestone and used their product, I will never go to another brand as long as they are around. They recently put out their glass protectors for the new Galaxy S9 and S9+, and if you have these phones, you should be using their protectors.

Finding a glass to fit the curved, infinite displays of Samsung’s latest devices (from the Galaxy S8 onwards) has proved to be difficult in the past. Whitestone has a unique and involved application process for their glass that requires the use of a UV light and a device holding tray. The tray and other tools allow you to correctly place the glass on your new Galaxy S9 without the glass being skewed or there being any bubbles underneath — that is if you followed the instructions.

Some people choose not to protect their phones with cases and screen protectors and such, but with phones creeping up in price it’s imperative to make sure they last. The Galaxy S9 starts at $720, and the S9+ begins at $840. I don’t know you guys, but I don’t have the money to replace a phone if it breaks, and I don’t want to have to pay for screen repair either. Whitestone’s glass will help protect against a lot of drops on different surfaces, and will crack before your device’s glass will in most cases.

I’ve used the glass over the past two weeks on my Galaxy S9+, and it is almost invisible. The protector doesn’t affect touch sensitivity or screw with Samsung’s side screen software either. It won’t blur your front camera or modify your phone in any way other than protecting it. The glass also covers the whole front and sides of the display, instead of just a rectangular part of it.

To install the Whitestone Dome protector onto your Galaxy S9/+, be sure first to have around 20 minutes of time available. You’ll have to clean your device, carefully drop on the liquid, and then allow it to spread evenly under the glass. After that, there is a series of timed UV curing needed to make sure the glass doesn’t lift from the display. Then, you’re done! With a perfectly aligned and clear tempered glass protector on your new Galaxy device.

The one area where I see people giving the most pushback will be the price of the glass: $45. It is steep, but it’s not the only glass at that price. The difference with the Whitestone Dome is that it works quite well and is worth the money, especially for your $750+ purchase. It’s a small price when you consider how much it will cost to replace the display or full device.

To conclude, when you’re out there choosing what color Galaxy S9+ to buy, make sure you have your Whitestone Dome glass coming through Amazon Prime. The gorgeous phone needs to maintain it’s lovely display for the two years you’ll keep it. Your wallet and heart will appreciate it after that first drop.

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