Tuesdays at the Polls: Do you still use RSS for your newsfeed?

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A few years back, you know before Twitter and Facebook were huge, many of us used RSS feeds to get an aggregated dose of our news. RSS was, and still is, a great way to simplify your web browsing into a manageable single location.

It’s awesome for bloggers like the team here at YTE to keep up with the current news without the need of surfing several different sites. Google Reader was once king before Mt. View sent it to its untimely death, and Feedly has carved a nice niche as a replacement, but much like other technologies, as users adapt to new ways to consume the internet RSS feeds have taken a back seat

However, a new editorial by our buddies over at WIRED have challenged that it’s time to bring the RSS reader back. Personally, I’ve never left the protocol behind, but it did get me wondering how many still actually use the web service. Do you still use an RSS reader on a daily basis? Or has the likes of Facebook and Twitter become your replacement? Or do you simply love surfing the web and never used the RSS at all in the past? Let us know in this week’s poll question.

Do you still use RSS?

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