YouTube TV now works using the Firefox web browser

1 min read

While most YouTube TV users are most likely locked into Google’s ecosystem, there are still many of us who prefer to use Firefox instead of Chrome. One of my disappointments in Google’s live TV service has been that you couldn’t watch it on anything other than Chrome at launch. I recently discovered this morning that this is no longer the case. To my surprise, YouTube TV now works while using Firefox!

The even bigger surprise is that Google’s support page for the service confirms this new revelation. In the past, the landing page for “Supported Devices” for YouTube TV only listed Chrome and gave you wording that “other web browsers coming soon.” This was a huge lock-in move by a company that has championed the “open” internet and web standards but I’m glad to report this is now fixed for the Firefox crowd. Unfortunately, it still leaves all the other web browsers out in the cold in its current state.

YouTube TV Supported Devices