Tuesdays at the Polls: What education device does your kid use at school?

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Last week Apple made a huge push to return their glory days of dominating the classroom. With the launch of a new iPad centered around education, Cupertino has positioned themselves against the old dominance of Microsoft and the new found king, Chromebooks. Apple has high hopes that this new discounted hardware can lure school districts back to iOS devices as their go-to for classroom environments.

It’s an uphill battle with Microsoft still very present in the desktop market, and Google’s Chrome OS has made it very easy with their backend services¬†and easy account management. However, the launch did make me wonder as a parent what most kids are carrying in their backpacks on a daily basis. Are they like my daughter and live inside a Chromebook? Does their district splurge for iPads already? Or are they still rocking Windows laptops? Is there a random school using Android? Let us know in this week’s poll and share your experiences in the comments.

What device platform does your child use as their primary education device?

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