Latest Chrome Canary update brings progressive web apps and touch-friendly interface changes

1 min read

Chrome OS seems to be ever-changing these days. The updates have been furious lately and we are seeing a couple more in the Canary Channel. First, you can now install Progressive Web Apps just like they are native built applications. This was shared by the neighborhood Google ambassador Francois Beaufort. If the app presents itself as a PWA, then you will see a new install button in the menu when navigating to the webpage. Once installed, the apps have all the options of a standard app: custom windows, the icon being added to the shelf, integration into the overview menu, and full offline support. Progressive Web Apps have long been a championed feature that Google has wanted to bring to the internet and it looks like Chrome OS is finally ready.

Another thing that Google has become more and more focused on has been tablets and touchscreen devices. With that, the company had to start adjusting how people would interact with their devices and altering the UI accordingly. This means bringing more touch-friendly aspects into the operating system. Beaufort also outlined this update to Chrome OS over on Google Plus today. This brings multiple changes for finger input: bigger buttons, wider spacing, and rounder icons. These changes are natural evolutions of the system for hybrid machines and tablets like the new Acer tablet released this week.

It’s worth noting that the Canary Channel isn’t recommended for most users. It’s prone to lots of bugs and is hidden to the casual user. For now, you’re better off watching these great additions from afar until they hit the Stable channels.