Introducing the new YourTechExplained website

2 min read

Hey there, YourTechExplained readers! As the Editor in Chief of YTE, it’s my pleasure to announce our newly redesigned website! You may have noticed that things look a little bit different in the past couple days, so let me highlight some of the best features.

The biggest change yet is design wise. You’ll find that the design has been updated to be more modern, inviting, and just colorful. There’s plenty #yourtechexplainedred to go around! With that, we’ve optimized the reading experience so that you can focus on the beautiful words without the ads being too distracting. There’re still there, but we agonized over the placement of them so that they’re not too annoying.

Another large change is the homepage. We’ve made the homepage not just pretty, but also useful. You’ll find the latest content right at the top of our homepage, and if you scroll down you’ll see some of the latest content, separated by category.

Now, we know how important user feedback is to our content, so we’ve made it 10x easier for you to leave feedback. At the bottom of each post, you’ll find share icons for all your favorite social networks, plus a like button so you can show your appreciation easily. Want to be more specific? We’ve added a rating section so you can rate the post or review. Beyond that, we have made it even easier for you to add comments. There’s no more logging into a Disqus commenting section, now you can easily leave a comment using the simple yet clean system.

We’ve also made it easier for you to follow your favorite authors. At the top of each post, you’ll find the author’s Twitter handle with a direct link to their profile so it’s easy to stay up to date with them. Give them a shout — they’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, one cool thing that I’d like to highlight is the new “Trending” bar at the top of every page. If you want to skip all the small bits of news and jump to what’s hot, there’s your chance. We’ve selected the top articles from the past week to show up there, so you can see the hottest news, tutorials, and reviews just a click away.

All the changes don’t stop with those — they’re just a few of my favorites. Browse our website and feel free to see what else you can find. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this website, too! Leave a comment down below or hit the like button if you’re a fan! See you around.

Ian McIlwraith
Editor in Chief, YourTechExplained