Top 4 Twitter Clients for Android to replace Flamingo

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As much as I don’t like it, Twitter’s API token limit claimed another victim last week. The developer behind the awesome Twitter client Flamingo has said that this hurdle will ultimately stop production of the Android app. This marks another 3rd party client that has decided that moving is an easier solution than the many workarounds such as manual token generation or releasing a separate app version.

That left many of us scrambling for an alternative 3rd party app on Android for our Twitter consumption. I’ll preface by saying that I know many use the default Twitter app, but personally, I’ve never enjoyed using it. Thankfully, there are a handful of high-quality clients still available and we are going to share a few of our favorites.


This was my favorite Twitter client before Flamingo and has been dual installed the entire time I used Flamingo. The app is by the awesome dev team Klinker Apps. You may have used some of their other apps like EvolveSMS, Pulse Messenger, or Source news reader. These guys offer an excellent Twitter app with Talon. The app has a laundry list of customization, material-inspired UI, and multiple options for push notifications. You also get filters, Tweetmarker, multi-account support, and a do not disturb mode.

I tend to settle on Talon as my daily driver for a few reasons. It offers the most customization of any app. I like to set the font size at 18, wide layout, and large media previews. For me, this offers an easy to read interface for quick scrolling through my timeline. I also prefer the dark theme that’s a really deep gray color. Paired with white text the posts really stand out for me.

Talon on Google Play


Fenix 2


Fenix knows all about the token limit of Twitter clients. The app name is on its second rendition due to the first edition reaching the said limit but sometimes being challenged to do something again brings a good result. Fenix 2 might be the most similar to Flamingo. The overall feel of the design is fairly close and has a heavy material look. It has a clean, smooth interface that once tweaked to your liking, looks awesome.

Speaking of tweaking, it really is the main attraction to an alternative Twitter client. Plus, it’s packed with custom settings. From layout width, multiple accounts, and notification options, you have a long list of options. There’s also Tweetmarker sync and a mute feature for users you don’t want to hear from at the moment. I like Fenix 2 quite a bit but there’s something cramped to the layout that I just can’t put my finger on that always moves me away. Despite this, it’s a solid 3rd party client to consider for your Twitter needs.

Fenix 2 on Google Play



Tweetings is one of the oldest 3rd party Twitter client on both Android and iOS. How old you say? Old enough that Twitter grandfathered them into having true push notifications from their API without token limits. Yep. Tweetings is the OG 3rd party client and it shows with the push option enabled. It is just as fast as the standard Twitter apps when it comes to notifying you of interactions with other users. I really didn’t think about this until I had all these apps installed, and it’s really nice to get these as soon as they arrive. While it seems trivial, it made me reconsider Tweetings as my daily app for a while.

Aside from push notifications, many of the other offerings for Tweetings may seem redundant to the rest of my list. Mute, timeline sync/Tweetmarker, and theming are all here. The age of the app also shows in the settings menus. It’s massive! You can get super granular on what you what the app to show you and in what format. Most apps just have fonts and themes, but Tweetings take this so far you really just have to install it to get a feel for all it has available. I’m still finding new items and currently using it as my default app at the moment.

Tweetings on Google Play



Owly is the exact opposite of Tweetings. It’s new. It’s a little raw. But damn it looks good. The developers of Owly have to have the UI design at the top of their list of features. Owly has a great Google Now style cards interface with a clean material design. At the top of your timeline, you get to choose a banner type for your main profile information. The app also has one of the more thorough setup wizards that lets you set things like this as well as themes, fonts, and certain interactions.

With the immaturity of Owly it also seems to be actively expanding the setting menu to get to parity with the other apps here. Just this week it added mainstays like Direct Mention notifications and Tweet Streaming. It also has a feature called Tweet Digest that I’m honestly not sure what it’s intended for. It allows you to set up what looks like an alarm for certain users posting Tweets? Overall, I really like where Owly is headed. The interface alone has me keeping an eye on this relatively new Twitter client.

Owly on Google Play

What’s your pick?

We’ve covered just 4 of the countless 3rd party Twitter clients for Android. Did we miss your favorite? If so, let us know in the comments and give us examples of how they match up to our list. It’s also worth noting that the same Twitter token limit that brought a halt to Flamingo is always looming over the other apps we’ve listed. Both Fenix and Talon are on their 2nd release version due to this in the past. Until then, enjoy giving these great Twitter clients a try.