Opinion: I’m more productive on Android than iOS

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Smartphones are a massive part of our lives. For someone like me, this involves running my life, a marketing agency, and YourTechExplained. In other words, I’m really big on making sure I’m as productive as possible on all my devices.

For the longest time, I’ve always expressed and felt that I was most productive on my iPhone than any Android device on the market. Most of this was because of the fact that Apple’s Ecosystem will easily lock you in and make you feel that way. I own an iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook Pro, so continuity between these devices is a breeze. Frankly, I yearn for the day that Google gives me a great tablet and a great smartwatch, but that’s a discussion for another article

So, why did I suddenly change my stance? What caused me to come to this conclusion? First, it has to do with something that Apple is failing at, while Google is currently better at.

Notifications & Quick Settings

Notifications on Android, in my opinion, have far surpassed what Apple offers on iOS. Years ago I felt it was the other way around, but ever since iOS 10 Apple continues to decline in this area, and that includes a further decline with iOS 11. Clearing notifications on Android are far more intuitive and my notifications are better organized.

It’s more than just notifications, though. It’s the small things that surround them as well.

As an example, let’s say I get a text message and at that same exact moment I need to turn my Bluetooth off or turn on my flashlight? On Android, I have access to my most-used quick settings right on top of my notifications, and the rest are just a simple swipe away. On iOS? I would need to exit notification center and open Control Center. Yes, Control Center has been around awhile, but does it really need to be there Apple?


This is an area where Android has been dominating for years, and for someone like me, I am now finally really starting to fully appreciate having them on my main screens. I’m the type of person who wants information at my fingertips quickly, I do not want to have to swipe to the left to find a bunch of widgets cluttered together just to see when I have my next meeting. Having my to-do list and my calendar on my main screen makes a huge difference in staying on top of my life.

Another area where this has proven to be effective is with keeping track of breaking news in the tech industry. That’s very important when you’re in this industry. When I’m on iOS I almost always seem to miss something, and that stops me from being able to write about it here at YourTechExplained. Maybe that’s good, though, as I’m able to shed some truth on why we’ve been lacking in articles – it’s all Apple’s fault. I’m kidding, we all know that blames lies on me…

Google Services/Cloud Services

For the longest time, I’ve been heavily invested in iCloud. After making the switch to everything Google I’ve been able to keep things way more organized and tidy. No matter what phone I switch to, I’ll have my contacts, photos, calendar, and files. Yes, you can get all these services on iPhone, but my point in case being is that there are other ecosystems that work just as well, if not better than iCloud.  iPhone users please remember that iCloud is not the king of everything. Google destroys Apple when it comes to services. Google Docs is far better than Pages, Google Photos is better than iCloud Storage, Google Calendar vs iCloud Calendar?

Oh and while I’m on this, Gmail or that @iCloud.com email account? There’s no contest.

Google Assistant/Google Home

Siri? I remember when Siri used to be good years ago. Now? I never use Siri and always use Google Assistant. Being that I have over 3 Google homes in my house I use Google Assistant every single day. being able to set my reminders, have a rundown of my day and also ping my phone when I can’t find it has proven to be very valuable to me. Frankly, I really hope that Apple makes some big changes and improvements to Siri because it’s VERY long overdue.


I will be completely honest, though, there are things that I absolutely wish I would have on my Android phone that I only get with my iPhone. This includes things like iMessage, iOS exclusive apps such as Things3 and Tweetbot, the fantastic Apple Watch, Airdrops, and a physical store presence. Google should absolutely be working on “Made By Google” retail locations now that they have their own hardware.

While I personally feel more productive on Android at this point in time, it doesn’t mean that it will always stay this way. Like I mentioned earlier, this is my personal opinion. Many will agree, but just as many, if not more will disagree.

Which OS do you currently use and favor? Comment below!