How to watch the Google I/O 2018 Keynote on your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV

1 min read

The Google I/O 2018 Keynote starts in just over an hour, and we’re getting ready to inform you of all the important announcements from I/O. But if you’re interested in watching the Keynote (or other I/O events for that matter), then you’ll want to tune into the live stream.

We’re just going to jump straight into it: the live stream is available on the Google Developers YouTube channel, which you can access at this link, or see it embedded below: There’s also lots of I/O information available on Google’s own event site, which you can find right here. The Keynote starts at 1pm EST, or 10am PST, but be sure you’re ready to go a couple minutes prior as the stream could slow down due to the number of people tuning in.

Additionally, you can pull this YouTube video up on your device of choice and cast it up to your TV using Chromecast. Just press the cast icon  while in the YouTube app or on in a browser. Note, you’ll only see it if there’s a Chromecast already set up nearby.

Be sure to stay tuned into YourTechExplained today, as we’ll be bringing you the latest straight from the Google I/O 2018 Keynote.