Top announcements from Google I/O 2018

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Today at their event in San Francisco Google announced a bunch of improvements and changes to their services. Since there are so many, we’ve compiled a few of the top announcements that you will want to stay on top of.

Google Assistant

Visual improvements: During I/O, Google talked about the display assistants that we saw announced at CES 2018. With these smart displays, users will have the ability to see results on their displays including cooking instructions or even their favorite TV show via YouTube TV.  Also, improvements have been made to make visual changes to results on Google Assistant on the smartphone. This includes providing the results via a fuller screen that has more information than previously offered.



New Voices & Natural Conversation: Google Assistant now has six new voices along with John Legend, yes John Legend can be your assistant voice later this year. Along with the new voices we no longer have to constantly say “OK Google” every time we want to interact with the assistant, Rather we can continue to converse with the assistant and keep the natural conversation going.


Google Duplex: This right here was the “WOW” moment of the Keynote. With Duplex, Google Assistant will now book your appointment by calling and speaking with the retail location for you, yes this is real and Google is hard at work to make this happen. This video demo below will show you exactly how this will happen.


Android P

Though we do not have an official name yet, we know what to expect with the newest version of Android. Google said that their focuses on this new build are

  • Intelligence
  • Simplicity
  • Device Well Being

Intelligence: App Actions allows users to quickly access a deeper function of an app. Some examples here could be calling a Lyft ride home or reordering your favorite meal from a take-out restaurant. Google says Actions can be created for any third-party app, and they’ll live in Android P’s search bar, in the Play Store, within Assistant, and in a customizable fashion on your home screen.

Slices, on the other hand, makes it easier to find what you need within your phone by using the search bar within Android P. For example, lets say you need to get a Lyft ride to work, as you add it to the search bar Android P will surface the Lyft icon and the design of the actual app even going as far to predict the amount your ride will cost to your intended location.

Simplicity: Android P focuses on “simplicity,” beginning with the navigation bar. It makes multitasking more approachable with a swipe app entering the new Recents screen. Swiping up again gives users access to the app list. A “quick scrub” gesture on the new gesture home button allows users to swipe right to access the timeline of recent apps.

Digital Well Being: One of the biggest issues in technology is the addiction people suffer from, how it’s nearly impossible to disconnect. With device well being, Google is making it easier to track which apps use up most of your time along with ways to make it easier to disconnect from your phone and enjoy life more.

Gestures in Andriod P: Like Apple, Google is bringing Gestures to Android P. How will this work? In Android P, a tap will send you to the home screen and a long press will launch Google Assistant. A swipe up will take you to the new overview screen, while a full movement up opens your app drawer. If you want to access your recent apps you can slide to the right like you would on an iPhone X. In other words, it won’t be a huge learning curve if you’ve ever used an iPhone X.

So there you have it, these are just a few of the many announcements made today at the Google I/O Keynote. Which of these did you like the most? Be sure to comment below and stay tuned to YourTechExplained for more coverage of Google I/O and everything Android P!