OnePlus launches not one, but two new products at their May 16th launch event

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OnePlus is relatively new to the smartphone industry, as they were founded in 2013. However, they have made a sizeable splash in the industry with their top-notch, affordable smartphones.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless

The first product that OnePlus launched at their event is their own set of wireless headphones — the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. They feature the Google Assistant, just like the Pixel Buds. However, the coolest part is that they are magnetic. To power them off, just snap them together and to power them on, simply pull them apart. This also works for answering calls! Additionally, they also feature fast charging: charge for 10 minutes to get 5 hours of playback time. As a bonus, they charge using USB-C — no micro USB found here.

When it comes to the sound quality, they feature an “Energy Tube.” which allows all the sound to go right to your ears, instead of leaking out like other earbuds. In fact, they did an audio test with some musicians and they all loved the Bullets Wireless, saying that the sound on them was far superior to other $150 earbuds.

The good news is that you can buy these for only $69, and they are available on June 5th!

OnePlus 6

The second new product that OnePlus announced is the one we’ve been expecting, the OnePlus 6. Some highlight specs include:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • 6GB or 8GB of RAM
  • 64GB or 128GB or storage
  • Android 8.1 Oreo with OxygenOS 5.1
  • 20M + 16M camera
  • Headphone jack

For the rest of the specs, see the full spec sheet below.

As (somewhat) expected, the OnePlus 6 features a notch at the top combined with a slim bezel on the bottom. What’s nice is that the navigation bar isn’t a necessity, thanks to some software tweaks. Additionally, all the models feature a glass back (the Midnight Black version has a matte finish, though). Some may hate this, some may love it, and some may make the best of it. However, the phone has proved to be just as strong as their other phones when it comes to drop tests.

When it comes to the software aspect, it comes with Android 8.1 Oreo. However, it’s also getting the Android P Developer Preview. You’ll be able to download it from their website in the next couple of days.

The main theme of the OnePlus 6 is “the speed you need.” They spent much of the launch talking about how much effort has gone into refining their phone and ensuring that the user experience is fast. It’s worth noting that there are not any groundbreaking new features on the phone, as is typical with phone launches as of late. What you can expect is that this phone is on par with other flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X.

Now, OnePlus has been often known to have pretty solid cameras on their phones. As you can expect, their 20M and 16M cameras were a highlight of the launch event. The got a 19% sensor increase, for a total l of a 1.22-micron sensor size. Practically speaking, this means that your low light photos will be much better. As found on previous OnePlus phones, the 6 also features portrait mode — but it’s not just limited to the back cameras. An upcoming software update will allow portrait mode to be used on the front facing camera, too.

The OnePlus 6 also features a slow-motion feature, allowing for recording up to one minute at 480fps. It’s the only phone on the marketing right now that can shoot slow motion this slow, for this long. As a bonus, there’s a built-in video editor for some basic video touchups.

You can purchase the OnePlus 6 in three different variants: Mirror Black and Midnight Black, both available on May 22nd. The limited edition Silk White will be available on June 5th.

When it comes to the pricing, it will start at for the base model $529. See below for the full price sheet.

So what do you think of these product announcements from OnePlus? Will you be getting the Bullets Wireless or OnePlus 6 anytime soon? Let us know in the comments!