Essential Phone 2 reportedly canceled as the company may be up for sale

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Andy Rubin (co-founder of Android) has recently been known as the founder of Essential Products, maker of the Essential PH-1 phone. He started the Essential company after leaving Google in order to fulfill his vision of a clean, simple Android experience. However, the sales of the first product didn’t go well at all — sales were around 150,000 units to date, which is quite low for the smartphone industry. Not to mention that his company has faced many employees and top-level executives leaving, among many other company issues.

With that said, in a report released today by Bloomberg, it was reported that Andy Rubin was putting the company up for sale — less than ten months after the phone first went on sale. This sale would include all assets of the company; patents, hardware, upcoming devices, and engineering talent. While the sale of the company isn’t final, it definitely seems likely.

The latest we’ve heard on this situation is from Rubin himself in a tweet:

It seems clear that the Essential Products company we hoped to see is no more. That tweet confirms what was stated in the Bloomberg report, that the expected Essential Phone 2 has been canceled, and the company will be focusing on more “game-changing” products.

It’s definitely sad to see this happen: many of us hoped to see the Essential Phone linup succed, after years and years of the same handful of companys doing mostly the same thing year after year. However, it’s a challenge to break into a saturated insutry like this one and this is not unheard of. Should there be any more developments on this situation, we will keep you updated.

Source: Bloomberg Via: Droid Life