5 Things You Need to Know from Apple WWDC18

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Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 started today, and we’ve rounded up the top announcements from the keynote for you.

#1: iOS 12

The iOS announcements took up most of the time at WWDC today, and for a good reason. One of the biggest announcements is that iOS 12 will be coming to all iOS devices, from 2013 until current devices. This is the broadest release of iOS, ever! Another highlight of iOS is that Siri is getting some handy upgrades, including integration with third-party apps and Siri Suggestions, which is basically Tasker or IFTTT, except built into Siri.

However, the biggest announcement about iOS is grouped notifications. Now, all notifications from one app will be grouped together (although they can be easily expanded). Plus, you can swipe them away in one go.

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#2: watchOS 5

While there’s not too much new with the Apple Watch software, there are still substantial developments to the platform. Apple was proud to announce that the Watch platform has the most satisfied customers out of all the smartwatch platforms.

The coolest feature of watchOS 5 is their Walkie-Talkie feature. As the name suggests, you’ll be able to instantly communicate with another Apple Watch user via voice. It’s not a phone call, but instead, you press and hold to talk and then it sends it over WiFi or Cellular to the other user.

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#3: tvOS

tvOS is Apple’s operating system for their Apple TV devices. Again, not any massive improvements to the platform, but a couple of nice upgrades.

The biggest announcement is that Apple is working with various TV Providers to get their content right on the Apple TV. Not recorded, but live content. Essentially, your Apple TV becomes your set-top box. In the US, they’re working with Charter Spectrum to bring this later in 2018, with more TV providers coming in the future. This means that you can watch all your cable TV channels via Apple TV with the power of the Siri remote.

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#4: macOS Mojave

The macOS portion of WWDC was also packed with new announcements. First off, the new version is called Mojave. One of the most exciting announcements is a system-wide Dark Mode feature. There’s also some serious updates to Finder, including a new Gallery view mode and a sidebar to quickly view information on files. The Screenshots feature also saw a nice upgrade, with markup options available right after you take the screenshot.

Additionally, the Mac App Store is receiving a complete design overhaul among some new sections to quickly and easily discover new apps.

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We hope you found this quick roundup helpful! Be sure to check out the individual articles for an in-depth look at all the new features announced at the WWDC18 Keynote today.