What’s new in macOS from WWDC18

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Apple just announced the latest version of MacOS at WWDC18: Mojave. Learn about each new feature announced by reading our macOS coverage of WWDC!

Dark Mode

There’s a brand new features in Mojave: Dark Mode! It’s not just the dock or other system UIs, it’s the entire OS — apps like Mail, Pages, Calendar, Photos, iTunes, and Xcode all got the update.

Dynamic Desktop

The Dynamic Desktop feature is a small, but neat feature of the new OS. It automatically changes the lighting on your wallpaper throughout the day.


This feature of Mojave allows you to organize your desktop with just one click. It separates items into stacks of different types, say Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, PDFs, Images, Movies, and more. Even new items that get added to the desktop automatically go into a stack.


There are lots of views already in Finder, but today there’s a new one: Gallery. This is a useful feature that allows you to preview various media types in a much bigger format. This is especially helpful for photographers looking to organize photos. There’s also a new sidebar that allows you to view all the information about a specific file without opening up a separate info window.


Screenshots are a commonly used feature of macOS, but they’re making them even more powerful. When you take a screenshot, a preview appears in the lower right corner but clicking on it allows you to make quick markups, similar to iOS. There’s a new Screen Capture option, too, to record part or all of your screen. This could already be done in Quicktime, but it was hidden and a little bit of a hassle.

Continuity Camera

Features like AirDrop are already handy for iPhone and Mac users, but Apple just made it 10x cooler with the Continuity Camera feature. If you’re assembling a document of some sort, you can choose to take a photo or scan a document from your Mac. Doing so will open up the camera on your iPhone, and once you take the photo and save it, it automatically appears in that document.

New Apps

News, Stocks, and Voice Memos are all coming to the Mac in Mojave. Additionally, the Home app is coming to macOS. It’s great to see Apple porting more useful apps from iOS to the Mac!


Safari, the web browser on macOS is getting some nice upgrades this year at WWDC. One of the privacy-focused features is automatically disabling third-party extensions that can be used to track you across sites. The example used of this was the Facebook comment widget. You’ll only be able to use it if you explicitly allow Safari to do so. Not only should this help with loading times, but it keeps you safer on the web.

Mac App Store

Finally, the App Store on Mac is getting some attention! Last year the iOS App Store saw some nice upgrades, but nothing was said about the Mac App Store. Now, it’s receiving a complete design overhaul as well as a new discover section and a top trending section. There are Create, Work, Play, and Develop tabs for finding new apps in each category. The new App Store has been built around what people use their Macs for, so it should be easier to find the right information and decide if an app is worthwhile to download.

macOS or iOS?

Lastly, the question was raised at WWDC: are macOS and iOS merging? The answer is no! This is, of course, what we hoped would be the case as macOS is built for professionals and the ultimate productivity experience, something that touch just won’t handle too soon.

However, they gave a sneak peek of a future, multi-year project. That project is merging some of the common elements from iOS development to Mac development to make multi-platform apps easier for developers. We won’t see this happen until 2019, but it is still exciting.