Android Messages web interface is starting to roll out to users

1 min read

Android Messages is Google’s latest attempt to somewhat unify messaging on their operating systems. The company has announced strong support for the new RCS standard that will soon subplant the outdated SMS protocol. With these adjustments in strategy, it has been long rumored that Google was attempting to bring Android Messages to the web for official desktop support. Well, that day is finally here.

Google announced via their blog today the is now live for users to start using Messages via the desktop browser. While it’s a far cry from Apple’s native answer with iMessage, it’s also a total Google move to keep it as “open” as possible with a web landing page. And the onboarding will be pretty familiar for those of you who dabbled in the short tenure of Allo being Google’s messenger of choice. The setup process is nearly identical. You go to Messages for web online and you are presented with instructions that include capturing a QR code with the mobile app to link the systems.

Personally, I’ve yet to see the option to activate this within Android Messages on my Pixel, but Google says the server side changes will be rolling out in segments. What about you? Are you seeing this on your Android device? Are you excited for this new feature? Let us know your thoughts via the comments or our social media outlets!