The Moto Hint+ is still my favorite audio device

3 min read

I’ve become a podcast junkie over the last few years. I listen to them all the time. Literally. Ok, so not literally, but A LOT! Whether it’s my hour commute to work, or working around the house, I really enjoy some of the on-demand content available with pods. During that time I’ve tried a mugshot book full of audio devices. The one I use the most may still surprise you. I can’t find much better for my needs than the 2nd generation Moto Hint+.

Yep. You read that right. The Moto Hint (I will simply use the Hint as the reference through the rest of this post). We’ve established long ago that I have an affinity for Moto, and maybe I’m biased, but the Hint hits all the checkboxes I’m looking for most of the time. It’s small. Has pretty good battery life. Decent audio. And single-ear design.

Accessories like earbuds are always subjective, but the Hint performs admirably for what I need. I don’t need noise cancellation. Honestly, I don’t like it. I can’t stand to have one of my senses handicapped to the happenings around me. The Moto Hint allows me to listen to audio, and take calls, with the opposite ear still able to make note of things in my surroundings.

This works great for when I’m cooking in the kitchen and especially when I’m mowing my lawn. I’m still surprised that the Hint has enough kick to still be heard while lawn mowing. And the single-ear usage allows me to interact while leaving it in and even while the audio is still playing. I can have a quick conversation with my daughter while cooking, or can exchange pleasantries with a neighbor who won’t feel like they are being ignored.

It also still has really good battery life for its demeanor. The Hint alone gets around 3 hours of playback. Add the portable charging pack and I honestly don’t know how long you could go away from the outlet. I’ve personally gotten 5-6 charges before needing to recharge both the base and earpiece. I really just charge the station when I think about it rather than when it goes dead.

Oh, and top it all off with that the Moto Hint had many of the Moto voice activation tools that predate Google Assistant. This means the earpiece does a great job of hands-free commands and voice answering calls much like newer competitors. A single tap of the earpiece will launch Assistant to start your every command. 

While I will continue to experiment with new audio devices as they come available. I mean, I can’t say no to a new gadget. But currently, I’m still happy with the Moto Hint for listening duties. And if it stops working tomorrow, there’s a pretty decent chance I can still snag a replacement on eBay for less than $30. It’s super subjective, but it’s the perfect little Bluetooth device for me. What about you? What’s your favorite Bluetooth/audio unit? Let us know in the comments.

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