Roku may be working on an app that integrates all your streaming subscriptions in one place

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Roku is one of the original players in the streaming market. They were the first to offer Netflix at home via WiFi and now they may be looking to join Amazon by offering a single market to resell streaming subscriptions. For example, Amazon offers top-tier 3rd party sales from premium content providers like HBO GO, Showtime, Cinemax, and CBS All Access.

This will start an interesting trend for streaming devices that allow Roku and Amazon to offer ways to expand your content, without leaving their platforms. It will also be intriguing see if Roku’s history get’s them a pass to add additional services like Netflix into the app.

Variety reports via their exclusive article that the app will be called Marketplace. I’m sure Roku sees this as another way to generate revenue for their new stockholders through partnerships like this one. Additionally, HBO recently announced that over 50% of their GO purchases have come from Amazon Channels. It will also streamline the process for consumers with a single interface to see all their premium content without the need to install standalone apps for each service.

Source: Variety