IGTV and what it's about

What is IGTV and what can I do with it?

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The success of Instagram since it’s release in October 2010 can be contributed to it’s constantly evolving nature. First, we could post photos and only photos. Much later on, we could post 15-second videos, inspired perhaps by the success of the platform Vine. It was not only entertaining but a fun challenge to post something captivating in only 15 seconds. Heavily sped up videos became the norm and watching a much longer process happen in a matter of seconds has to have inspired the lack of patience in our society today. Then we were blessed with minute long videos which turned a mere 60 seconds into a lifetime, followed by stories and live streams. It seems that every time Instagram makes a change, the scale of the update is multiplied unto itself to give the user a bigger and better chance to share content with their audiences.

Instagram TV offers something even bigger: the ability to upload much longer videos and share them with the world. It’s a similar concept to YouTube, but with a much more simplistic approach. A big plus is being able to see long-form content from people you already interact with on Instagram. The door has now been opened for creative influencers to expand their posts without the fear of trying to redirect their Instagram following to a completely different platform.

Speaking of the platform, the simple design and ease of use makes it the perfect tool for pretty much anyone. Uploading a video is pretty straightforward. Just click on your profile picture in the IGTV app, then on the plus sign, located on the right side of the page and lastly choose your video. Playthrough is really enjoyable because unlike regular videos on Instagram we can finally fast forward and rewind — woohoo! A double tap on either side of the video will help you navigate through the video.

So how should you use IGTV? For maximum results — as with all posts — don’t just post to get out content. Don’t take this beautiful hour-long window you’ve been given and put your audience to sleep. Start by showing longer, more detailed clips of content you have already shared like an in-depth look at a previously sped up tutorial or drone footage from a recent getaway you posted a photo of. Something that keeps people interested and excited, without making them close the page and go back to scrolling through their non-chronological feed.