YouTube picture-in-picture rolling out to more non-premium users with Oreo

1 min read

Picture-in-picture is nothing new, as it’s been around since the release of Oreo last fall. This is a feature with limited uses and also limited app support. One of the best is YouTube, where you have the ability to continue playing a video in a smaller window while you multitask on your device. Unfortunately, Google decided to hide this feature behind a paywall of sorts, requiring you to subscribe to what was previously known as YouTube Red.

The good news is now Google appears to be testing this feature with non-paying users. Many more users without YouTube Premium have begun noticing if they leave a video playing and return to the home screen, YouTube now shrinks into a tiny picture-in-picture mode. This began for me late last night as well. As of yet, there is no official word from Google on how, when or why this is happening.

If you’re not seeing this on your device yet then it’s possible it hasn’t rolled out to you or Google is only rolling it out to a smaller group for testing. Just remember, you will need Oreo on your device in order to have access to the picture-in-picture feature. Let us know in the comments below if it has rolled out to your phone yet.