Android P Developer Preview 4 is now available for download for Pixel owners

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The fourth Android P Developer Preview is finally here! It’s available to sideload via the Android Developers website, but it’s also rolling out via OTA to those who have enrolled in the Android Beta program. It’s available for Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL owners.

What’s New

It’s typical for these updates to be nothing more than bug fixes and security patches, and for the most part, that’s what we’re seeing. The folks over at Droid Life did notice a couple small tweaks, including a new back button that’s no longer enclosed in a box, and some updated icons in the notification shade. While these changes aren’t major by any means, it’s always good to see Google making minute improvements across the operating system that help give it a fresh look.

Another new change pointed out by Reddit user u/humanoid_X  is that there is support for manual theming (between light and dark). Toggling that option should change the color of the notification bar and the app drawer, however, it may not be working as intended due to conflicts with the Pixel Launcher.


Of course, this is still a developer preview and shouldn’t be installed on primary devices unless you’re ready for some issues that come with developer previews. However, it does bring us one step closer to the final release sometime later in Q3 of 2018. We are expecting to see one more developer preview, and that is DP5, which would be expected around early August. But once DP5 is released in the wild, we can expect the polished version of Android P, along with the name reveal within a matter of a few weeks.