Google is rumored to be working on a game streaming service

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Gaming is big business and if the rumors are to be believed a new player is about to emerge. Google is said to be working on a new game streaming service, which includes new hardware. The new service is codenamed Yeti and would use Google’s processing power to render games and stream them to your device. This would allow people to enjoy high-quality graphics on lower end devices since all of the graphics would be rendered by Google. A person familiar with the Yeti project describes it as like playing The Witcher 3 but within a Chrome browser tab.

A service like this could open up a whole new world of gaming and possibilities. Imagine if you could play a game across your devices. For example, you start a game on your TV and later when you’re waiting in the doctor’s office you continue on your phone or pick up where you left off in Chrome while at work. With a service like this, it will help make gaming even more accessible. With the hardware entry barrier lowered, it brings gaming to an even wider audience.

Sources say that Google is also working on a hardware component and has been in talks with some gaming studios, too. We’ve already seen what Google is capable of when it comes to streaming and hardware when you look at YouTube and Chromecast. If they can bring that level of quality and ease of use to gaming, it is certainly something to get excited about.

However, at this time all we have to go on is rumors. Google has a history of working on projects that never see the light of day. There are also many challenges when tackling a project like this such as streaming quality, availability of games, lag, bandwidth caps, processing power, and more. If any company was going to make it successful it would have to be the company who brought us YouTube and Chromecast.

Source: Kotaku